Claire Courtney, Earth Agency


Hannah Burque, Ghost Town


Tyler Edmonston,  Kobalt


Once In A Long, Long While... - Nevado Music

0 + Low Roar + ross. - Tonequake Records


Pedro y El Lobo


Magda Kurek

We receive countless requests for the use of Low Roar music in personal and independent films/videos, so please consider our standard use terms before contacting us regarding permission.
1) If you do not intend to commercially exploit your video project (such as submit to film festivals, commercially distribute your film, etc.), then please DO NOT contact us about using the song gratis. 
2) If you plan to post your video to YouTube, please feel free to do so, but be aware a Copyright Claim will be made on your video by our label/distributor if it contains a Low Roar song. Again, DO NOT contact us about using a song in this manner, just post and the Copyright Claim will appear. 
3) You are *not allowed* under any circumstances, without specific prior approval from the band, to use a Low Roar song in any scene or video that contains violence, illicit drug use or political content/commentary.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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