Low Roar House Concerts

Hi everyone,

After living next door to the UK for four years now, I'm finally going to make my first trip to see you. :) And rather than playing regular bars, I'm going to go on a UK house concert tour instead!

If you're unfamiliar with house concerts, don't worry, I was too at first... But the setup is simple. You pick the location (be it your living room, backyard, front yard, etc.) and I'll play an acoustic show for you & the audience of your choice. There can be 10 people there, or 100 - it really is up to you!

SOO, the plan is, I'll fly into the UK on September 12th and head back to Reykjavik on September 17th (or thereabouts). I'm charging 250£ per show, or 200£ if you'll allow me to crash on your couch :)... And I don't care how you scramble that money together. You can pass the hat, you can pool money together with friends, or you can just pay for it outright. Again, it's up to you.

We're making up the rules as we go, so that means we're also making up the routing too. So when you write me at lowroarmusic@gmail.com, just include your preferred date, your second choice of date, and your location. I'll then do my best to accommodate everyone's preferences and put together a schedule. 

Really excited to be making this trip and finally getting to meet you! Let me know if you're interested and I'd love to make something happen. 

- Ryan / Low Roar