Hi everyone,

The digital release of my new album, Once In A Long, Long While, has been such a proud moment for me and I hope you are enjoying the new music ! As our tour in North America is nearing an end, we're getting ready and excited to start our European tour.

Our four weeks on the road is nearly full, but we do have a few dates along the way that we'll be filling with house shows & private performances. No venues, no clubs - just your backyard, living room, campfire, etc. As long as there are good people, a PA system, and an interested audience, then we'd love to play there.

The dates available for a house show are MAY 27th & 28th + JUNE 1st & 7th, 2017 and the location can be anywhere along our route to the next show (see below dates for reference). The cost is €500 + accommodations, and a PA system is required. If you're interested, write us at and please include your preferred date and your location. We'll then do our best to accommodate your schedule and make it happen.

Look forward to seeing you all soon. thanks again for the support  x Ryan


23.5 Paris, France
24.5 Brussels, Belgium
25.5 Cologne, Germany
26.5 Frankfurt, Germany
29.5 Amsterdam, Netherlands
30.5 Lille, France
31.5 London, UK
02.6 Bristol, UK
03.6 Leeds, UK
04.6 Brighton, UK
06.6 Berlin, Germany
08.6 Poznań, Poland
09.6 Warsaw, Poland
10.6 Sopot, Poland