Hi everyone,

The release of my new album, Once In A Long, Long While, is fast approaching, as is the release tour with San Fermin.

Our planned five weeks on the road is nearly full, but we do have two days between Houston & Nashville that we'll be filling along the route. No venues, no clubs - just your backyard, living room, campfire, etc. As long as there are good people around, a PA system, and an interested audience, then that sounds like an ideal gig.

The dates available are MAY 4th & 5th, 2017, and the location can be anywhere between Houston & Nashville or thereabouts. That means Louisiana, Northeast Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, maybe lower Missouri/Oklahoma, etc. are all fair game.

The cost is $500 + accommodations, and a PA system (large or small) is required. We don't care how you scramble that money together. You can pass the hat, you can pool money together with friends, or you can just pay for it outright. Again, it's up to you.

We're making up the rules as we go, so that means we're also making up the routing too. So when you write us at, just include your preferred date and your location. We'll then do our best to accommodate your schedule and make it out your way. 

Looking forward to maybe meeting you along the way... And thank you for your continued support. x  Ryan